The Suzuki Katana
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"The product must have 'Art', if it is to be successful"

GSX750S (S1/S2 & S3/SE) - Rider View

GSX750SE KatanaAs you might have guessed from the top picture, I have also owned a GSX750SE Katana. I owned this bike from April '95 and up until I sold it in March 2000, I had done about 7000 miles (again, as with when I sold the 650 Katana, I needed the money!), and was an official UK model with the MPH speedo sticker. The bike has been great fun to ride, with enough power to satisfy most people (I've calmed down since my teenage years and also need my license!) as it easily tops the ton and goes on to about 130 mph. The handling did sometimes does feel a little strange at the rear, but at MOT time the tester found the front and rear wheels slightly out of alignment, even though the marks on the adjusters were OK. It was much better when it all lined up. The motor has done just over 57500km but sounds quiet. I haven't done enough miles to comment on general consumables, but the main cost was that the fuel tank rusted though from the inside and leaked over the engine. A new one by the time it was painted was 300. As these bikes are rare second hand parts seem to be almost non existent (I tried for 3 months to get a second-hand tank, even from other countries).

Japanese Owners GatheringThe looks of the bike are the real winner though. Most people, whether they are interested in bikes or not will have a glance at it, just because it is so different and stands out.

GSX750SE - Tester Verdict

Good Points The styling is stunning; quick and agile on twisty 'B' roads. Hydraulic clutch.
Bad Points The gold finish on the cycle parts is poor.
Performance Good enough for me, but slower against newer bikes - but when its stands out in car park full of bikes, who cares.
Comfort Very good, the bumps are soaked up well and the fairing does a good job.
Braking Good for a 10 year old bike.
Handling Good suspension (excellent full floater system) coupled with a light weight make this a very agile bike. (especially after riding the 1100 Katana!)


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