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GSX750S (S1/S2 & S3/SE) - Background

GSX750SE KatanaDue to the over whelming success of the 1100 Kat, Suzuki released a 750 machine, which to look at was almost identical to its larger brother. By 1983 they felt that some subtle changes were needed to keep pace with competition, on the technology front. Hence the mark II Katana was released. These had 16 inch front and 17 inch rear wheels and the power was upped to about 72hp, but to look at, it was near enough identical to its predecessor.
By 1985 Suzuki felt that the 750 Kat was due for an overhaul again and so the mark III version was born. This was a completely new model, not just a face-lift. Although it was designed by Suzuki themselves, it still kept the Hans Muth lines. Mechanically the engine had been replaced by the new 16-value unit from the GSX750E, and developed about 84 bhp. The running gear now had the Suzuki Full Floater suspension rear end and Positive Damping Forks at the front. Probably most noticeable of all however was the new fairing which now had a retractable (pop-up) headlight which helped give it an even sharper front end than the previous models.

The following info from Howie Drake, gives a little more insight into the different types of GSX750SE Katana in the UK (as far as he has been able to ascertain):

Ex Japan - Detuned from the standard GSX750ES, due to Japanese 750cc bhp limit, so only puts out about 70 bhp. You can tell these due to the Japanese warning light that illuminates if you go over 50 mph, replaced by a side stand warning light on non Japanese model. Suzuki UK imported approx. 75 of these as a special import.

Ex South Africa & Australia tuned from the standard GSX750ES with stage two cams and bigger carbs (although these have smaller main jets than the standard GSX750ES). These are supposed to be about 90 bhp and Suzuki UK imported 33 of
these along with the Japanese model for their limited import - my bike is one of these...

The rest of the models you see are as far as I know grey imports.

(Michael Cane interesting fact) Although the 750 Kat was officially brought into the UK by Suzuki (about 100 bikes), it was never designed to be. Hence the speedo is in kph. These official ones however have a mph sticker added but the mileage still reads km's. (Not a lot of people know that!)

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