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GS550M - Rider View

GS550M KatanaRiders View 1: Stef the German - Bit heavy and under-powered, otherwise great fun for the money. Comfy (for the rider), handles better then ordinary GS550's. I recommend stage 3 dynojet and twin throat K&N's, Harris pipe (should give about 120 mph if set up well), Brembo pads for much better braking in the wet, Continental Blitz tyres (I recommend 100/80x19 for the front and 120/80x18 for the rear), O-ring chain, as ordinary ones don't last well.
Oil leak at cam chain tensioner can't be fixed (just like GS550E). Also, GS650G complete top end, or only cams, can be fitted for considerably more power.
Engine bullet proof, as with all GS550 / 750 (as opposed to 650 !).

Riders View 2: Etienne Nortje - I've owned a GS550M now for two years. Here are some of my opinions. These opinions have come after lots of money, testing and failing. I would recommend a 3.25 x 19 Mac Adam 50 front and a 130/80 x18 rear tyre of the same type (Michelin). Then on the sprockets, a 41T gives a top end of 235km/h but then you lose a lot of power. I would recommend 44t as a standard 50T or 51T is to powerful and you will miss the top end. An 'O' ring chain is a must. GS550M takes the exact same sprocket as a GSXR 750 Slingshot.
A steering damper fits perfect into the pre taped holes on the front of the frame. Cheap to fit and WILL make a difference.
GS650M cams are a must.
Skim head for extra compression. (don't skim to much)
Fit N-60R Champion racing plugs for a real difference.
Set all valve clearances at 0.10mm-0.13mm for a easy start and to avoid valve bounce at 10 000rpm bit noisy but worth it.
A 4 into 1 is a definite must, also a 90/100w headlight bulb.
All of the above + 1.00mm o/s pistons I have added to my old katana. At this moment my bike is not for sale and the cops don't like me at all. That says it all.

GS550M - Tester Verdict

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