The Suzuki Katana
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"The product must have 'Art', if it is to be successful"


To download any of these pictures, right click the picture and select <Save Target As...> from the menu. Select where on your hard disk you want to save the file. Add to your desktop as you normally would (if you have an older Windows version that does not accept JPG files as desktop wallpaper, then you will have to convert these to BMP files first).

If you want to submit any of your own high quality shots or other Katana pictures then see the requirements at the bottom of this page.

Windows Wallpapers:
Yoshimura GSX400S Katana
Yoshimura GSX400S Katana

Download size 262Kb
Yoshimura GSX1100S Katana
Yoshimura GSX1100S Katana

Download size 255Kb
Target Design Prototype GSX1100S
Prototype GSX1100S

Download size 112Kb
Design sketch by Jan Fellstrom
GS650G Design Sketch

Download size 111Kb
Katana in Eastern Oregon Katana in Eastern Oregon
Download size 180Kb
Fun Stuff:
Revs to MPH calculator for the Katana range Revs to MPH Spreadsheet:
Just a bit of fun, but this spreadsheet contains the gear ratios for the Katana range so you can play around with final drive sprockets to see how mph will change at certain revs, or to check at what speed your speedo will read at a certain rpm to check how well your clocks are working.
Asus Mylogo 16 Colour Image
If you have an Asus motherboard that is MyLogo enabled, use this 16 colour BMP for a new boot screen!


Requirements for Submission:
The download images will all be at least 800 x 600 dpi, make sure yours are at least this size. Scan in at 300 dpi and save as a JPG at a reasonably high quality. If in doubt just contact me with your question.


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