The Suzuki Katana
Front WheelEngineKatana BodylineEngine Casing
"The product must have 'Art', if it is to be successful"

 Credit To / Acknowledgements

GS650 Katana Engine

Obviously I didn't know all of this before I started (you would have to be some sort of train spotter to know gear ratios!), so I had to use a few reference materials, mostly without prior permission.
So to make amends (and recognise copyright), I thank:

  • target DESIGN's Hans-Georg Kasten for the prototype pictures and company information
  • Tamiya Plastic Model Company. (I did buy 2 models though)
  • Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd.
  • Westcoast Motorcycles Nick Culton.
  • Back Street Heros Magazine. (UK)
  • Bike. (UK)
  • GreyBike Magazine. (UK) (has anyone got Issue 1, with the 250 Kat test in that I can buy?)
  • Japanese Bikes Magazine. (UK)
  • Performance Bikes Magazine. (UK)
  • Streetfighter Magazine. (UK)
  • Used Bike Guide. (UK)
  • Used MotorCycle Guide. (UK)
  • Superbikes: Road-Burners to Record-Breakers by Peter Carrick (pub Hennerwood Publications Ltd.)
  • Superbikes: Road Machines of the 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's by Roland Brown (pub Chartwell Books Inc.)
  • The Illustrated Motorcycle Legends: Suzuki by Roy Bacon (pub Sunburst Books)
  • The Ultimate Motor Cycle Book by Hugo Wilson (pub Dorling Kindersley)


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