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Good enough to ride!There isn't much you can really say about this subject, unless you don the anorak, lose some street 'cred' and waffle on about how beautifully the 1/12th scale model is moulded and fits together etc etc. Seriously though, I am amazed at the detail that can be achieved at these small scales, on mass produced models. If anyone out there knows how they do these things then drop me a line.
For those of you, eager to rush down the local model shop and order your brand new motorcycle (this is the closest I've got to a new 'un too), then the Tamiya model numbers are:




Approx. Cost (UKP)

GSX 1100S Katana 1/6 16025 60-00
GSX 1100S Katana 1/12 14010 13-00
GSX 750SE Katana 1/12 14034 13-00
GSX 1100S Katana Custom tuned 1/12 14065 13-00

I personally have all the 1/12th scale models and also 2 different 1100 die-cast models. These come from local toy shops (don't even think about asking what I was doing looking round toy shops at my age). I have yet to see the 1/6th scale 1100 but two separate people have E-Mailed me about it and I think I shall have to try and check it out.

Duck from Oz also tells me that there is a 1/8 scale model of a Katana 1100 by Doyusha, and its kit number is BB-2-4800. I've never heard of Doyusha kits before, so perhaps they are unique to certain countries.

If you are after the kits online try HobbyLink Japan. They have been recommended by surfers on this site and at time of writing (April 2003) the 1/8th scale GSX1100SZ was roughly 35 + p&p of about 7-50. I have seen this model in a UK shop and it was 70!

Suspension Details
If only my rear suspension was as easy to put together as these Tamiya models, then I'd be laughing

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