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Past Magazine Reviews


Publication/Date Bike Feature Type Page Number(s)
Bike (UK) [top]
Sept 1981 GS650G Suzuki Advert Inside front cover.
Oct 1981 GS650M Road Test Don't have
Jan 1982 GSX1100S Road Test p18-24
  GSX1100S Frontiers Suzuki Motorcycles Advert p23
June 1982 GS550M GPz550 v GS550 Katana Road Test Contents,
  GS650G Frontiers Suzuki Motorcycles Advert p27
Sept 1983 GSX1100S Shell Oils Advert p25
  GS650G Millers Motorcycles Advert p80
Nov 1983 GS650G News Article on Rock Band Owner! p5
Somewhere in 1984 GSX1100S Road Test p58-p60 (photocopy)
Oct 1992 GSX250S Road Test Cover,
July 1998 GSX250S /
Grey Import Feature p155
  GSX1100S Object of Desire p184-185
Sept 1999 GSX1100S 30 years of Superbikes p44 (of bigger story)
Back Street Heros (UK) [top]
Feb 1996 GSX1100S Photo Competition Winner Cover,
Classic Bike (UK) [top]
Feb 1998 GSX1100S Road Test against a Laverda Cover,
Classic & Motorcyle Mechanics (UK) [top]
June 1994 GSX1100S Riding the Katana Cover,
March 1998 GSX1100S Subscription  Advert for mag. p9
  GSX1100S Features in Eighties Greats. p40-41
Aug 1998 GSX1000S Show Us Yours (Readers Rebuilds) p21
Daily Mail Motorcycle Review (UK) [top]
1983 GS650G Specification p45
1983 GSX1100S Specification p46
GreyBike (UK) [top]
Issue 1 1994 or 1995 GSX250 Road Test Don't have
Autumn 1996 GSX250S /
GSX400S /
Specificatons (Japan) p62
  GSX400S Road Test Contents,
Aug/Sept 1997 All Katana Model History p42-46
April/May 1998 Monkey Katana! Money Bike Feature has micro Katana p25
Hot Rod (USA) [top]
Dec 1981 GSX1000S Road Test p89-p91 (photocopy)
Japanese Bikes (UK) [top]
July/Aug 1992 GS650G Road Test (Revisited) p34-37
Mechanics (& The Biker) (UK) [top]
Oct 1982 GSX1000S Readers Letter / Pic p19
  GSX1100S 24 Hour Track Test p50-55
April 1983 GS550M (650?) Avon Roadrunner 2 Advert p14-15
  GS550M Road Test of Tuned 550 p26-30
Motor Cycling (UK) [top]
Feb 1981 Prototype GS650M
and GSX1100S
Shapes of Things to Come Cover,
Motor Cycle International (UK) [top]
March 1988 GSX1100S Running and Riding Cover,
April 1993 GSX400S Quick Spin p10-p11
Motorcycle Mechanics (UK) [top]
Aug 18/Sept 1 1981 GS550M Road Test Cover
Don't have
Oct 1981 GS650G Road Test Cover
Don't have
Sept / Oct 1981 GSX1100S Road Test Cover,
  GSX1100S BolDor Advert p59
Mar 1984 GSX1100S Tuned Bike Don't have
??? 1985 GSX750S Road Test Don't have
Motorcycle News (MCN) (UK) [top]
3rd June 1981 GS550M Road Test Don't have
12th Aug 1981 GS650G Road Test Don't have
23rd Sept 1981 GSX1100S Road Test Don't have
3rd Feb 1982 GSX1000S Road Test Don't have
18th Sept 2002 GSX1100S 50 Bikes Everyone Must Ride supplement p8
10th Dec 2003 GSX1100S Top 10 Most Stylish Bikes supplement p2
supplement p3
Motorcycle Sport (UK) [top]
April 1982 GSX1100S Road Test p184-185,
June 1982 GSX1100S Mark Boughton Racing Picture Cover
Sept 1982 GS650G mel lemoto Advert (fairings) Inside front Cover
Jan 1983 GS650G dixon racing (Yoshimura) Advert p7
March 1983 GSX1000S Ray Knight on racing bike Contents
  GS650G dixon racing (Yoshimura) Advert Again! p103
June 1983 GSX1100S dixon racing (different) Advert p249
  GSX1000S Bridgestone Advert p253
Dec 1984 GSX1100S Cologne Show 1984 Comments p570,
Motorcycle Weekly [top]
??? 1983 GSX1100S Road Test Don't have
Northern Biker (UK) [top]
May 1998 GSX400S Grey Import Test p55
Performance Bikes (UK) [top]
Dec 1985 GSX750SE Road Test Cover,
Sometime 1987 (Performance facts Booklet) All Stats on all bikes p23
  GSX1000S TTS Tuned Drag Bike p29
Nov 1987 GSX1000S /
Katana Frenzy Cover,
March 1992 GSX250S Road Test Cover, p20-22
Streetfighters (UK) [top]
Dec 1994/Jan 1995 GT750! Streetfighter but with Kat styling p15-18
  GSX1100S Piers Dowell Advert p34
  GSX1100S Review: GSX1327 Kat Cover,
  GSX1100S Splatter Advert p41
June/July 1995 GSX1100S Review: GSX1133 Kat Cover,
May 1996 GSX1100S Review:  GSX1400 Kat p72-76
Sept 1996 GSX1100S Review: GSX1100 Turbo Kat Cover,
  GSX1100S Review: GSX1135 Nitrous Turbo Kat p48-52 
  GSX1100S Pics: Clay Cross Kawasaki Day! p84, p86
June 1999 GSX1100S Review: GSX1327 Turbo Nitrous Kat Cover,
Center Pages.
  GSX1100S Big CC Racing p57
Super Bike (UK) [top]
??? 1982 GSX1100S Road Test 6 pages
Centre Spread
May 1982 GSX1100S What if.... Drag Racing Fantasy p40-41
The Biker (UK) [top]
Sept 1981 GS550M Road Test Cover,
p43-48 (photocopy)
Jan 1982 GS1100S Road Test
Beaujolais Run on a Katana
4 page review
3 page review
Don't have
Used Bike Guide (UK) [top]
Sept 1997 Issue 104 GSX1100S Top 10 Bikes You Can Only Buy Second Hand Contents,
June 1998 Issue 113 GS550M Readers' Ride p53-55
Sept 1999 Issue 128 GS650G Readers' Wheels p41-43
Jan 2000 Issue 132 GS650G Readers' Wheels p34-36
Used Motorcycle Guide (UK) [top]
May/June 1989 Issue 17 GS550M Readers' Ride: GS550M Despatches p30-31
May/June 1993 Issue 42 GSX1000S Cover Shot Cover
Feb/March 1994 Issue 48 GSX1000S Readers' Ride: Katana Craze p44-45
Feb/March 1995 Issue 56 GS650M Readers' Ride: Katana Hustle p64-65
Oct 1996 Issue 72 GSX1100S Readers' Ride: Chameleon Katana p54-56
Aug/Sept 1997 Issue 81 GSX250S Readers' Ride: 250 Kat p18-19
  GSX1100S Readers' Ride: GSX1100S Kat p34-35
Oct/Nov 1998 Issue 89 GSX750SE/S3 Readers' Ride: Pig Flying p38-39
Aug/Sept 1999 Issue 94 GSX1100S Readers' Ride: Classic Low Miler p45-50
Oct/Nov 1999 Issue 95 GS550M Of Sharks and Sheep p68-70
  GS550M Another Kat Tale p70-71
Which Bike (UK) [top]
March 1982 GS550M Road Test Don't have
Dec. 1981 GSX1000S Road Test Don't have
May 1983 GSX1100S Bridgestone Advert p6
  GS550M (650?) Avon Roadrunner 2 Advert p68
  All May Prices 1983 p87
  GS650G Suzuki Crusader Insurance p97


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