The Suzuki Katana
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"The product must have 'Art', if it is to be successful"

Your Kats - GSX750S1 / S2

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Andreas Strzelecki, Feb 2000 More or Less!

 Alan Patrick, Nov 2002
Alan Patrick
Houghton Le Spring, England
Thorir Bjornsson, April 1997 More or Less!
Thorir Bjornsson

More or Less! Kimberley Rhodes, May 1997
Kimberley Rhodes

EE Meyer, June 1997 More or Less!
EE Meyer
South Africa

More or Less! Gary Ham, July 1997
Gary Ham
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Michael B, Nov 1997 More or Less!
Michael B

More or Less! Dwaine Hill, Aug. 2000
Dwaine Hill
Ottawa, Canada

Bill O'Regan, March 2000 More or Less!
Bill O'Regan
Ontario, Canada

More or Less! Alex, May 2003
Northants, UK

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