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Your Kats - The Readers' Gallery

Got a trick Kat and want to tell the world about it? Been on a good trip and got a photo of you Kat with some stunning scenery? Maybe you are just proud of your bike and want it immortalised online!
Well here is your chance. Send me a picture and some notes about the bike / trip / both etc etc, via the contact form and I'll do the rest!
N.B. I do have a store of items already sent, so will be adding these over time.

Bike No of Entries
GSX250S 4
GSX400S 1
GS550M 7
GS650G 10
GSX750S1 / S2 17
GSX750SE 13
GSX1000SZ (Slide Carbs) 6
GSX1000SZ & GSX1100 SZ / SD (CV Carbs) 30
GSX1100SXZ 5
Collections 1
Customised, tuned, street fighters (whatever) will appear in the same section that was the original (donor) bike.  

Katana Liquid Group Shots


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